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New York City Offers Help for Developers of Brownfields - 8/21/2014

New York City long ago recognized the advantages of facilitating cleanup and redevelopment of brownfield sites.  In 2009 it passed the New York City Brownfield and Community Revitalization Act authorizing the establishment of Office of Environmental Remediation (OER).  Since then, OER has established over thirty new programs for brownfield management to assist the developer and community with remediation to promote economic development and neighborhood vitality.  A partial list follows. 

  • Community Brownfield Planning Program:  Community-based planning organizations in neighborhoods throughout NYC to build and implement effective brownfield development plans by providing planning and technical assistance grants.
  • New York City Brownfield Incentive Grant (BIG) Program: BIG grants for brownfield investigation and cleanup are awarded to projects that enroll in the NYC Voluntary Clean-up Program (VCP).  EWMA is an approved BIG vendor.
  • New York City Clean Soil Bank:  Soil recycling program allows soil to be transferred directly to City capital construction projects and other development sites that need clean soil, at no charge to the developer
  • Searchable Property Electronic Environmental Database (SPEED):  Helps community and private developers find brownfield properties to remediate and develop

EWMA’s team of environmental scientists can assist you with identifying and remediating potential qualifying brownfield properties then quickly and efficiently guide you through the most cost effective solution for your return on investment.  Contact Don Richardson at (973)560-1400 x186

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Pollution Prevention Program Rules Readopted - 4/18/2014

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has readopted the Pollution Prevention Program Rules for a seven-year period.  

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Governor Signs 2-Year RI Deadline Extension - 1/27/2014

Governor Christie signed the legislation allowing for a two year extension for remedial investigation.  There is a March 7, 2014, deadline to apply for the extension.

 For full article read:  Governor Signs RI Deadline


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NJ Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 Spurs Brownfields Redevelopment Opportunities - 1/16/2014

Learn more about how the New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 (the Act) passed in September 2013 includes funds intended to promote redevelopment of urban areas, suburban office parks and areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, while fostering job creation.

For the full article. see:  New Jersey Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 Spurs Brownfields Redevelopment Opportunities

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Two Year Extension to RI Deadline Jumps First Hurdle - 1/16/2014
On Monday, January 13, 2014, both the New Jersey Assembly and Senate unanimously passed the Site Remediation Extension of Time bill for the Governor’s signature. The bill allows a two-year extension of time for the completion of a remedial investigation (RI) of contaminated sites to responsible parties (RPs) who meet certain requirements.

For the full article. see:   Two Year Extension to RI Deadline Jumps First Hurdle
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Interpretation of NJDEP Policy on May 2014 Deadline - 8/1/2013
The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) issued a new Policy Statement in June 2013 that provides interpretation of the Site Remediation Reform Act’s (SRRA) requirement that older remedial investigations be completed by May 2014.
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An Innovative Approach for Property Managers - 6/19/2013
Most real estate management, acquisition and development companies have large portfolios that have to be managed properly; this can get difficult when dealing with a large number of varied tenants in different industries, each managing their own lease space.  Keeping track of tenant of construction or similar projects may pose a risk to landlord site wide institution and engineering control covenants.  Often notice is not properly provided by a tenant or a third party seeking access involving digging on the property.  To assist in this regard, EWMA has helped to develop a system in which managers of New Jersey properties can more easily track such projects and obtain alerts before work begins, without having to rely on tenants for that information.
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Important May 2014 Deadline for Remedial Projects - 5/23/2013

May 2014 may seem too far away to think about now, but there is an important New Jersey site remediation deadline which may be applicable to your project.  This deadline requires the responsible parties (RPs) for older remedial investigations (RIs) to complete a remedial investigation report (RIR) of the subject property by May 7, 2014.  Let us help you with a review to determine if your site is applicable to this deadline.

If you are unsure if you are affected by this deadline, or if you have any questions, please contact Don Richardson ( at (973) 560-1400 x186 to discuss your options. 


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Annual Right-to-Know Survey Due March 1, 2013 - 2/25/2013

March 1, 2013 is the due date for filing the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) annual Right-to-Know (RTK) Survey.  All employers covered by the Act must complete surveys listing the names and quantities and locations of hazardous chemicals stored and used at their facilities.

In addition to submitting the survey, There are other major requirements of the Act:

    • Label containers of chemical products.
    • Establish a RTK Central File at each facility that the list of hazardous substances.
    • Post a RTK poster in each facility. 
To determine if you are subject to RTK reporting requirements please contact Craig Gorczyca, Director, Operations and Waste Management Services for EWMA in our Parsippany, NJ office.  (973) 560-1400 ext 145 or


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NJDEP Receptor Evaluation Compliance Update - 10/28/2010

By:  Al Moffit, Director

Receptor Evaluations are just one of a myriad of technical requirements with regulatory and mandatory timeframes that are part of compliance with the new Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA).   Due to the number of cases undergoing remediation and the limited amount of available Department resources, NJDEP is notifying responsible parties there will no longer be an assigned case manager and should consider retaining a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP). 

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