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EWMA will prepare a tailored, individual workshop for your group at a time and location of your choice.  We will provide the information that is relevant to your interests regarding the dynamic field of environmental law, consulting, and remediation; helping you become more knowledgeable about environmental issues affecting your business.  A workshop can cover one or more topics.  Popular topics are listed below, or we can speak on a topic of your choice.

Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP)
New Jersey's Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA) transferred many of the responsibilities for the oversight and closure of contaminated properties from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to LSRPs.  We answer your questions about if, when, or must you "opt-in" to the LSRP program along with the pros and cons of doing so, how to retain, conditions, and concerns.

Remedial Action Permits (RAP)
New requirements by NJDEP seek to create more Responsible Party accountability for the long term stewardship of former contaminated sites through the use of permit compliance and enforcement for properties with a Deed Notice or Classification Exemption Area (CEA).  These new requirements for financial assurance of engineering controls affect costs and long-term site management plans.  We address how they impact commercial transactions in New Jersey.

Vapor Intrusion (VI) and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 
Buildings above or close to contaminated soil or ground water often have vapor intrusion concerns.  New regulatory requirements mandate investigation and mitigation of vapor intrusion to protect building occupants from exposure to airborne contaminants.  We discuss the cost-effective and practical approaches to assessing and mitigating risks related to vapor intrusion issues.  Indoor air quality has become an increasingly important issue as employees often spend most of their day within an air-tight office building.  We explain causes indoor air quality issues, what can be done, what is your liability?

Fixed-Price Remediation
Cost uncertainties associated with remediation can sometimes delay or prevent the acquisition or redevelopment of an environmentally-distressed property.  We explain and provide examples regarding how Fixed-Price Remediation can provide a solution from known and unknown contaminants and the moving target of cleanup costs.

Public Funding for Cleanup and Brownfields Redevelopment
There are a myriad of federal and state public funding sources for environmental cleanups and redevelopment.  EWMA explains where to find help to pay for cleanups and sources of public funding for remediation, including:  petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs), replacing PERC dry cleaning systems, Hazardous Discharge Site Remediation Fund (HDSRF), USEPA Brownfield Development Area (BDA) grants, NJTPA Brownfield Inventory and Assessment Grant, Environmental Infrastructure Trust Fund, NJEDA, NJDCA Office of Smart Growth, USDOT, NJDOT, USEPA, Board of Public Utilities, NJDEP.  Additionally EWMA explains how private foundations are also a source of grants to help pay for environmental cleanups and redevelopment.

Environmental Insurance
EWMA provides a thorough understanding of the current state of the marketplace for environmental insurance, liability risk transfer, and how to identify and avoid environmental liabilities.  This workshop also covers the environmental insurance products available.

Environmental Due Diligence
EWMA teaches you to minimize risks and protect yourself from liability in real estate and other business transactions.  To protect your business from environmental liability, Environmental Due Diligence must be a condition of every purchase contract or financial transaction.

Landlord Concerns with Dry Cleaners and Gas Stations as Tenants
EWMA explains that proper lease protections and inspections are the hallmark of protection from the potentially contaminating uses of your property as a dry cleaner or gasoline service station.  We cover grant money available for replacing PERC dry cleaning systems and removing or upgrading tank systems.

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