Site On-Line Environmental Screen (SOLES) Report

For real estate transactions, EWMA's Site On-Line Environmental Screen (SOLES) Report offers a quick and inexpensive way to uncover pertinent property information based on our review of known publically available environmental databases and information sources. SOLES provides “on the go” information to assist our clients in making sound business decisions regarding property acquisitions. SOLES also saves time and money by evaluating potential known environmental risks on a property before the start of the due diligence process.

We screen State and Federal databases for information regarding a property. The results of our evaluation are published in a SOLES Report, which features a summary of our findings, a detailed map of the area in which the property is located (including environmentally impacted sites and features of concern) and data tables from database searches to facilitate a quick review. EWMA can typically prepare a SOLES Report in one business day. The SOLES Report is especially well suited for multiple-property portfolio transactions, in which properties must be screened and provided an environmental risk assessment.


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