COVID-19 Cleaning: How To Select the Right Disinfection Service

Whether sick or healthy, everybody has felt the effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Among the pandemic’s most prominent effects is how the virus quickly spreads, from person to person and even spreading from person to surface.

As essential businesses such as grocery stores continue to operate throughout the pandemic, deep cleaning may be necessary for your employees, guests and visitors to feel safe and confident. An environmental mitigation service with knowledge and experience that goes beyond basic cleaning protocols can get the job done. Here’s what you should look out for while selecting a disinfection service.

Why deep cleaning is necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic

Given the uncertainty that COVID-19 has caused, businesses may want to ensure a safe environment for workers, shoppers, and other visitors whether or not COVID-19 cases are suspected or confirmed in the area. Since some people infected with COVID-19 never show symptoms, deep cleaning is one of the only ways to ensure that no pathogens are present.

If your business has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, deep cleaning becomes an essential service. While much is still being learned about the novel coronavirus, two things are certain: COVID-19 is transmitted from an infected person’s nose or mouth, and the virus can live on a variety of surfaces for a few hours or as long as a few days after transmission. People with COVID-19, whether symptomatic or not, can thus easily spread the virus anywhere they go, so if a worker is known or suspected to have the virus, the chances of other workers and their families being infected increase, as does the number of employees who might call out of work for safety concerns.

The value of using an environmental cleaning service for disinfecting spaces

A disinfection requires an adherence to strict protocol to ensure that all affected surfaces are properly addressed and that a potential pathogen like COVID-19 doesn’t spread in the process. With deep experience in tackling large-scale, detailed, and highly-regulated projects, an environmental remediation service can tap into that important knowledge and apply those strict criteria to disinfecting spaces for COVID-19. Not every cleaning service uses this type of thorough remediation, as they may be trained to tackle dust and fingerprints and not invasive pathogens.

When using an environmental cleaning service, all proper procedures are followed as specified in global, federal, and state guidelines. Cleaners use personal protection equipment (PPE) and follow clear protocol with equipment usage to minimize chances of recontamination. All disinfecting and cleaning methods are certified in antimicrobial and antiviral mitigation. Most importantly, the right cleaning service will move fast, understanding that their fast response means businesses are quicker to reopening their doors.

Partner with EWMA for a thorough, safe, deep cleaning of your workspace

EWMA has provided environmental remediation services for over three decades, with all work prioritizing the high standards expected of detailed and highly-regulated remediation projects. EWMA’s experts have a wealth of not just knowledge, but experience working with local, state, and federal agencies to conduct thorough, safe disinfection and deep cleaning of sites with contaminants that are not always visible to the naked eye, like a virus. Choosing EWMA means opting for a deep cleaning conducted with the same level of care as environmental remediation.

EWMA’s environmental remediation experts do more than just deep clean your space – they minimize the unease employees, guests, and customers may experience entering essential businesses during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you need to decontaminate a potential COVID-19 site or just want to instill confidence in your visitors and workers that your space is virus-free, a thorough disinfecting with EWMA assuages your team and customers during uncertain, worrying times.

If your space is in need of immediate, safe and thorough deep cleaning whether or not COVID-19 cases have been confirmed, contact EWMA today at 973-560-1400 and request to speak with Michael Sylvester, ext. 187, or Craig Gorczyca, ext. 145 for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

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