Phytoremediation Uses Plants To Cleanup Contaminated Soil And Fill

EWMA is constantly searching for ways to achieve remediation goals in a more efficient and cost-effective manner through innovative technologies. In this regard, one of the more promising technologies is phytoremediation, which can effectively remediate hundreds of thousands of low-level hazardous contaminant impacted sites worldwide (30,000 in the US), especially in the context of contaminated historic fill. Phytoremediation is a type of bioremediation that uses plants, herbs, and trees to absorb contaminant pollutants from air, water, and soil, and it has been used to clean up toxic metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, petroleum hydrocarbons and even nuclear radiation.

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Enzyme Bioremediation: Alternative Remedial Technology

EWMA has a long history of applying innovative technologies to benefit our clients. The latest emerging technology uses enzymes as a sustainable alternative for remediation of soil and groundwater. Enzymes are naturally occurring-chemicals found within living organisms. Enzyme remediation is a hybrid chemical/biological treatment technology in which these chemicals are used to accelerate the breakdown of hazardous compounds in soil and groundwater. Recent advancements in biology have allowed for the isolation and purification of these enzymes for various uses. The enzymes are grown and harvested under ideal conditions then injected into contaminated soil or water. This is advantageous because subsurface conditions do not have to be altered to grow bacteria for the removal of contamination. Also, the enzymes target the contamination more efficiently than other types of in-situ remediation, and it does not generate any waste or require any disposal. As a result, enzyme remediation has the potential to reduce the cost and time required to remediate sites impacted by organic compounds.

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Regulatory Reminder: Important May 2017 & 2019 NJDEP Remediation Deadlines

Two important New Jersey site remediation deadlines are looming in May 2017 and 2019 which could be applicable to your New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) case.  Although these deadlines are years away, site remediation can take years to complete. It is important to get started now to ensure the deadlines are met and you do not incur unnecessary stress and costs as the deadlines draw near.

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EWMA Adds Drone Media To Real Estate Services

EWMA is excited to announce the addition of Drone Media Services to its tool box.  An aerial view of property allows for a unique perspective of a site’s overall condition, surrounding properties, water features, roadways and other elements critical in decision making for acquisition and development.  Due to their size drones are able to fly into areas that may be inaccessible or hazardous to assess structure and land conditions.  EWMA President, Don Richardson, sees the application of drones in real estate transactions as a real advantage whether in the due diligence phase or site surveys allowing for faster and safer assessments.  Additionally, they can be used to document stages of improvement over a period of time of large scale construction and/or development projects. 

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