Advances In Ground Water Remediation

By David Fullmer

EWMA has a long history of applying innovative remedial technologies to benefit our clients. The latest being utilized by EWMA is the design and application of enhanced anaerobic bioremediation technologies to completely degrade chlorinated solvents in groundwater. A conceptual enhanced bioremediation program would typically consist of biostimulation (addition of a food grade amendment, such as emulsified vegetable oil, to serve as an electron donor and to stimulate biological activity) with possible bioaugmentation (supplemental addition of specific bacterium, if necessary). The resulting fermentation reactions create an environment highly favorable for the rapid dechlorination and subsequent remediation of the chlorinated solvents in the groundwater.

Based on our research and experience with enhanced anaerobic bioremediation at project sites, this remedial technology is well suited to highly urbanized environments and offers numerous advantages over other remedial technologies. It offers a technically effective and cost efficient way to quickly remediate and/or control groundwater impacted with chlorinated solvents within both overburden soils and bedrock zones. Compared to in-situ chemical oxidation, there are no harmful fugitive emissions released during the biostimulation or bioaugmentation, eliminating the need for costly air monitoring within, or near the treatment area.

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