Comprehensive Vapor Intrusion Control Services

Vapor Intrusion Control (VIC) issues continue to be a concern for the building development and building management communities. EWMA can provide the entire range of VIC services, including the evaluation of potential VIC concerns for planned building sites, existing buildings, and developed areas.  If mitigation is necessary, we provide effective, low-cost solutions that utilize modern building materials and innovative designs.

Our vapor depressurization systems can lend support to planned new commercial, industrial or residential buildings or site development projects.  They can also be installed on existing buildings or developed areas with multiple buildings.  
We have our own blend of in-house LSRPs, Scientists, Engineers, Fabricators, and Installers.  This allows us to perform sophisticated compliance evaluations, analyses of site conditions, and as needed pre-design measurements.  EWMA can engineer a vapor depressurization system, and build a practical, transportable system from the ground up in our fabrication facility in Boonton, NJ.  The system is then installed on-site to fit effectively and seamlessly within site conditions.
Our company uses both interim and permanent VIC methods that include air purification, ventilation, gradient modification, entry denial, and zone control.  Our team of professionals can adjust in-building air pressures, seal slabs, doors and walls.  We can also depressurize basements and sub-slab areas, measure flue and back-draft effects, and measure micro-level air pressure and partial vacuums.  We support our findings and corrective actions with analyses performed by certified analytical laboratories in tandem with substantive documentation.
For a no-cost discussion about vapor intrusion control options at a planned or existing building project, contact Jake Strauss at ext. 195.


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