Enzyme Bioremediation: Alternative Remedial Technology

EWMA has a long history of applying innovative technologies to benefit our clients. The latest emerging technology uses enzymes as a sustainable alternative for remediation of soil and groundwater. Enzymes are naturally occurring-chemicals found within living organisms. Enzyme remediation is a hybrid chemical/biological treatment technology in which these chemicals are used to accelerate the breakdown of hazardous compounds in soil and groundwater. Recent advancements in biology have allowed for the isolation and purification of these enzymes for various uses. The enzymes are grown and harvested under ideal conditions then injected into contaminated soil or water. This is advantageous because subsurface conditions do not have to be altered to grow bacteria for the removal of contamination. Also, the enzymes target the contamination more efficiently than other types of in-situ remediation, and it does not generate any waste or require any disposal. As a result, enzyme remediation has the potential to reduce the cost and time required to remediate sites impacted by organic compounds.

The enzyme formula being evaluated has been used overseas for cleanup and decontamination of a wide range of petroleum, PCBs and nitro phenol compounds. Additional technical evaluation and data gathering is being performed with the help of EWMA’s technical staff to obtain regulatory approvals in New York and New Jersey, and we will soon seek regulatory approval for pilot testing of the technology in the field.

For more information about our Enzyme Bioremediation services, or if you have any questions, please contact Michael Sylvester at Michael.Sylvester@ewma.com or (973) 560-1400 x187.

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