EWMA Adds Drone Media To Real Estate Services

EWMA is excited to announce the addition of Drone Media Services to its tool box.  An aerial view of property allows for a unique perspective of a site’s overall condition, surrounding properties, water features, roadways and other elements critical in decision making for acquisition and development.  Due to their size drones are able to fly into areas that may be inaccessible or hazardous to assess structure and land conditions.  EWMA President, Don Richardson, sees the application of drones in real estate transactions as a real advantage whether in the due diligence phase or site surveys allowing for faster and safer assessments.  Additionally, they can be used to document stages of improvement over a period of time of large scale construction and/or development projects. 
Drones are extremely versatile.  They can fly from a few inches from the ground up to 400 feet panning or framing a chosen subject, move left, right, up or down or rotate on the same spot because the pilot has a real time visual of the object under surveillance.  The quality of the pictures is outstanding as they shoot in full HD.  EWMA will complete your site survey and risk assessments in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws.  This is another enhancement EWMA offers our clients at a very cost effective price that includes editing. 
Mr. Richardson says, “We are very pleased to be one of the first environmental firms adding this innovative tool to our menu of services.  It is a great way to show your property to potential buyers.  The application of drones in real estate is in its infancy and I’m excited to see how its use will evolve.”  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we are utilizing this technology. Contact Don.Richardson@ewma.com or (973) 560-1400 x186 

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