EWMA Expands Its Groundwater Supply Development & Permitting Services

Groundwater is a finite resource that needs to be carefully managed to meet human needs, as well as those of the natural environment. EWMA’s approach to water management ensures continued and sufficient quantity and quality of water for current and future uses while maintaining ecological integrity. 
Depending on the situation, groundwater is often a potential new source.  With over 30 years of experience evaluating the geologic and hydrologic processes, EWMA has assisted commercial and residential developers, water utilities,  as well as golf courses, to meet their water supply demands by offering groundwater supply development and permitting services.  EWMA can assist you with the following:
  • Water demand assessments
  • Well site selection
  • Well design and installation
  • Aquifer tests and analyses
  • Groundwater quality tests
  • Water allocation permit preparation
  • Well rehabilitation and yield simulation.
The need to develop new sources for the state’s water supply is among the top ten critical initiatives of the NJDEP’s New Jersey Water Supply Plan for 2017-2022.  When developing these new sources, and sustaining existing sources, it is critically important to acknowledge their limits.  The Plan also states that New Jersey should have sufficient water supply for the future, given it is effectively managed.  Properly maintaining the state’s water sources requires an understanding of the supply, the demand and the effect the usage has on the environment.
Details about the Plan can be found here. If you would like to find out more about EWMA’s groundwater supply, development and permitting services, please contact our Director of Hydrogeologic Services; Donald A. Smith, P.G. at (973) 560- 1400 ext. 134 or at Donald.Smith@ewma.com.

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