EWMA Offers Expanded Real Estate Reuse & Redevelopment Support Services

Our real estate reuse and redevelopment professionals are assisting public and private clients in providing market feasibility, highest and best use, pre and post redevelopment valuations, realistic environmental cleanup costs and strategies to maximize the potential of your commercial or industrial property. EWMA and our strategic partners, which include real estate and redevelopment professionals, have expertise to support in the repositioning of contaminated real estate. We can determine cleanup costs and plan a remediation program, which can also include alternative financial and contractual strategies, to be coordinated with future sale, redevelopment and uses of a commercial or industrial property.

Getting local stakeholders on-board with the beneficial reuse of a commercial or industrial property increases the marketability of a property. EWMA can also provide an important public relations aspect that can help build community support, as well as gain local approvals and incentives available for redevelopment.

Our services are provided in a tiered offering that range from a no-cost marketing feasibility snapshot and environmental database review report to a full marketing feasibility study with a disposition program. Our ultimate goal is to turn a surplus asset into optimum cash while minimizing environmental liability to the Client, all in a timely fashion.
Finding the Answers to Redevelopment

We can help in answering the following redevelopment questions about your project:

  • Is the proposed reuse physically doable?
  • Is it environmentally possible?
  • Is the proposed use market feasible?
  • Is it financially viable?
  • Is the approach consistent with the clients objective?

EWMA has assembled a team of professionals to assist our clients with their real estate reuse and redevelopment projects. If you would like to learn more about our services or discuss a particular site scenario, please contact Michael Sylvester at (973) 560-1400 x187.

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