How EWMA Utilizes Enhanced Bioremediation To Gain Regulatory Closure For Clients

How EWMA Utilizes Enhanced Bioremediation To Gain Regulatory Closure For Clients

Subsurface Characterization

  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Sensitive Receptor Evaluations
  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Development
  • Evaluation of Chemical and Biological Conditions
    • Concentration, Distribution, Trends, and Changes of Contaminants
      • Groundwater and Sorbed-Mass / Matrix Diffusion
    • Presence of Degradation Indicators and Daughter Products
    • In-Situ Geochemical Conditions
    • Microcosm Census and Diversity (qPCR and Sequencing)
    • Stable Isotope Analysis (CSIA)

Remedial Design / Construction Oversight

  • Bench and Pilot-Scale Testing
  • Permit-By-Rule (PBR) Applications/Approvals
  • Design & Construction of Injection Point/Well Networks
  • Baseline Sampling and Monitoring

Additional Field / Contractor / Consulting Services

  • Injection of Amendments (Biostimulation)
    • Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD)
    • Anaerobic Oxidation / Nitrate Enhanced Bioremediation (NEB)
    • Aerobic Oxidation
  • Injection of Appropriate Bacteria (Bioaugmentation)
  • Post-Injection Sampling and Monitoring
  • Evaluation/Interpretation and Presentation of Results
  • 3rd Party Data Review and Fact/Expert Testimony 

What Differentiates EWMA Bioremediation Services and Products?

  • Extensive Experience Working Within Variiou Subsurface Formations
  • Long Recognized Need to Address Sorbed Mass and Matrix Diffusion in the Remedial Strategy

The Root Cause of Rebound –

  • Abundant Experience with Other Remedial Techniques that Ultimately Underperformed

 Lessons Learned –

  • Customized Injection Programs (Amendments and Methods) for Treatment of Chlorinated Solvents, Aromatic Solvents, and Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Technical Support / R&D Capabilities from Laboratory (IAL)
  • Focus on Improved Distribution and Diffusion of Amendments Into / Through Formation
  • Strategic Focus on Transition to Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) Approval –  REGULATORY CLOSURE IS THE GOAL!!


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